Where Imagination, Inspiration, Reiki, and a Little Magic Meet...

My name is Kimberley Greeno and I am a professional artist and Reiki healer, as well as the creator of Elements Five. I love working with crystals, clay, fabric, wood, wire, and paint to create beautiful and spiritually charged items. I love working with my Reiki clients both remotely and in person to heal and inspire them emotionally and spiritually.  I draw inspiration from a lifelong love and respect for our Earth and the Natural World. I adore vintage and antique pieces that have a real sense of history and a magic all their own. I have been selling my own art, handmade jewelry, wands, Reiki sessions, and various vintage and antique collectibles online since 2011. With over 4000 sales under my belt and over 1500 five-star customer reviews, I am a seller you can always trust to deliver wonderful services and beautiful handmade and vintage items right to your door in a safe and timely manner. Thank you for your business. 

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